The Bank of Frankewing has experience in offering loans for many purposes. We understand that our customers' interests, lifestyles, and needs are as varied as our customers themselves. Our professional Loan Staff is trained to consider each loan and assist you with your financial needs.

To apply, download and print a copy of our credit application. After filling it out, bring it in to your nearest Bank of Frankewing branch, and our lending staff will be happy to assist you.


Installment Loans

An installment loan can be used for various needs. It is available as a secured or unsecured loan at either a fixed or variable rate of interest. The length of the repayment depends upon the purpose and/or amount of the loan. Payments are made in monthly installments an can have a monthly due date that fits your income schedule. Credit life/accident and health insurance are available.* We accept payments by mail, in person, or as an automatic debit from your Bank of Frankewing account. You can also make payments through our online banking portal and mobile banking app.

* These insurance products are not-FDIC insured, not guaranteed by the Bank and may lose value.


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Automobile and Recreational Vehicle Loans

We offer financing for the purchase of new or used vehicles. The length of repayment is based on the vehicle's age and value.  Loans to purchase new vehicles will typically have a 60 month repayment while loans to purchase vehicles that are 3+ years old will typically have a 36 month repayment.  Call one of our lenders to see which option best suits you.


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Home Loans

We offer competitive interest rates on several different types of home loans.  Whether you are looking to buy your first home or you're looking to do that renovation that is long overdue, the Bank of Frankewing is here to help!  If you are interested in a home loan, fill out these forms and contact one of our knowledgable lenders.


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Construction Loans

We offer loans for the purpose of new construction for residential property. Our professional Loan Staff will assist you with information tailored to your specific needs. During the financing phase, we offer interest only payments. At the time of permanent financing, we have various products and terms to offer.


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Lot or Land Purchase

We offer several financing options for land, from small lots to large farms and everything in between. There is no tract of land that is either too small or too large. We offer various down payment options and various terms as well.

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Mobile Home Loans

We offer financing for the purchase of new and used mobile homes.  The length of repayment for these loans is similiar to automobile/recreational vehicles, which means is it based on the age and value of the mobile home.  The Bank of Frankewing also offers financing for mobile homes that are affixed to land.  See one of our mortgage lenders to learn more about those options.

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We offer financing for the purchase of new and used equipment.  Repayment plans vary based on the age, value and type of equipment taken as collateral.

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